More dead fish in Oklahoma

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - Large numbers of dead fish continue to show up in waters all over Oklahoma. Today we talked with local fishermen in Marshall County about what they've been experiencing.

"I don't know whether they run out of oxygen or what it is they ought to be able to test the water and find out." said Jack Campbell.

Jack Campbell has been fishing Wilson Creek all his life.
He says 3 weeks ago, small fish started dying and now large fish, many more than 40 and 50 pounds are dying as well.

Out here at Wilson Creek in Marshall County you can see literally thousands of dead fish lining the shore line. People have been coming all day and taking pictures, but they don't hang around very long because the smell is unbearable.

Marshall County residents wonder if the dead fish in their area could somehow be connected to those in the Red River, but state biologist Matt Mauck says he doesn't think so.

Mauck says they have tested the Wilson Creek water, and they feel confident they know why those fish died.

"The Wilson Creek fish are dying as a result of lack of oxygen. This has been measured through some water sampling equipment." Mauck said.

While Mauck says low oxygen levels killed the fish in Wilson Creek, they're still trying to figure out what is still killing fish in the Red River.

"We are still examining all possible sources of the fish kill, and we will hopefully have more concrete evidence and ideas of what's going on within a few days." said Mauck.

Mauck says his office continues to get similar calls from all over Oklahoma. He says 2011 is shaping up to be one of the worst years on record for high numbers of areas with dead fish.

"We're going to have more episodes likely of these events happening unless we get some relief in the heat and we get some more water within our lakes and rivers."

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