Murder victim and suspect's family unite

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- One week after the fatal shooting of an Ardmore teen, the house of one of the suspects in the killing was targeted in a drive by shooting; and that has the families of both the victim and suspect coming together.

Under a gazebo at Fraley Park in Ardmore residents gathered. They called for an end to the violence that has plagued their city.

Recently, two Ardmore high school students Tyrik Cohee and Evan Knox were charged with first-degree murder, accused of killing fellow classmate, Carmell Stoliby.

On Sunday, Carmel Houston, the father of Stoliby, and Toby Cohee, the father Tyrik Cohee, stood side by side.

"We're hear to make things better," Houston said. "We don't want this to continually happening and happening."

"My house got shot up this morning," Cohee said.

Cohee awoke on Sunday to find multiple bullets holes in his house on G Street Southwest. No one inside was hurt, but that crime has only helped to strengthen the bond between the two fathers.

"We grieving trying to get past this," Houston said. "I don't wish nothing on his son, don't wish nothing on anybody that's God job to do any of that."

Cohee's Pastor Greg Newhouse spoke at the rally.

Newhouse said parents need to step up and communicate better with their kids.

"I think the problem is that our young people just don't have anyone to talk to," Newhouse said.

It's sentiment both fathers share. They themselves are still trying to piece together why Tyrik Cohee allegedly shot Stoliby in the head and then jumped back in the car that Knox was driving.

The families don't believe it had anything to do with gangs. Knox and Cohee have been charged as as adult and both have a $1.5 million bond.

"This is about parents stepping up and taking control and finding out what is going on with their children," Houston said.

Ardmore police have made an arrested in connection to shooting of Cohee's house. Eric Ager was arrested on Sunday for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.