New Atoka Mayor takes oath of office

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ATOKA, OK -- It's a changing of the guard in Atoka Monday as their new Mayor takes the oath of office, officially beginning his first term.

Robert Frederick was appointed as Atoka's new Mayor at Monday night's city council meeting. Frederick said, while he's served in the city council for almost 10 years, he didn't expect to assume the Mayor's seat.

"This is a wonderful place. These people, this town have been so good to me. I thought maybe one way to repay them as serving in the council, I didn't expect to be Mayor," he said.

Frederick succeeded Charles McCall, who served as Atoka's mayor for seven and a half years until he was elected District 22 State Representative last fall. McCall took Frederick's oath of office and said the new Mayor has the public's trust and confidence.

"Maintain a high level of character and integrity that he has and I know that he will and I think maintaining the people's trust in the community is really what allows the city's leaders to really advance the city," he said.

Frederick said his main goal is to promote economic growth in Atoka by inviting more businesses to move into the city.

"That's what we're striving for. We're hoping for change, build an infrastructure that would maybe lead to more jobs for our community," said Frederick.

"I think that's a great strategy, I'm glad to hear him say that. I think the way that you build prosperity and wealth for the community is to offer more job opportunities," said McCall.

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