New apartment complex coming to Pottsboro

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POTTSBORO, TX -- The opening of State Highway 289 was a catalyst for development in Pottsboro. Now, city officials are hoping a new apartment complex will attract more people to town.

City manager, Kevin Farley, says right now, housing is limited in Pottsboro but construction on this new complex is set to start in December.

Farley says the added housing options will benefit new residents, as well as some who already live in the city.

The new apartment complex will be located along Spur 316.

"It will be a 56 unit complex," Farley said.

Farley says the new complex, Abbington Junction, will be funded by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

He says the department will pay nine percent of the investment of the project, which totals $5.71 million.

"They will pay taxes," Farley said. "It's approximately a $3.5 million boost to our tax rolls."

Farley says the complex will offer one, two, and three bedroom units.
Nine of the 56 units will be sold at market rate, while the other 47 will be sold at lower rates for working families based on their income.

"Some of the residents that may be there would be policemen, firemen, bank tellers, and restaurant workers," Farley said.

Pottsboro Chamber President, Bobby Hancock, says the city has seen growth since the opening of S.H. 289 and this new housing will hopefully attract more residents, as well as businesses to the area.

"This will just give us the opportunity for businesses that are looking to come to Pottsboro or evaluating to see that there is an option for their employees to have housing that's a good quality, and will fit in the range of their budget," Hancock said."

Although they are looking to attract more newcomers to town, Farley says this will also benefit those already living in the city.

"It provides a choice for individuals wanting to live here or those individuals that live in town now that want something different," said Farley. "It's just an opportunity that we currently don't have."

Farley says the complex will be energy efficient and also have a community center with on-site management offices. He says they hope to start construction in December, and be finished and ready for leasing next November.

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