New apartments: more jobs and more revenue for Howe

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HOWE, TX -- New homes and more jobs are on the way for the city of Howe thanks to millions in funding from the state. Victoria Maranan tells us why Howe was chosen and when the new development will break ground

Joy McBride has lived in Howe for 15 years and said she's excited to hear about the new apartment complex.

"I think it's great. I think Howe needs a little more growth, need more people coming in. It's gonna open up some jobs while it's being built and afterwards because they'll need managers and groundskeepers," she said.

Mayor Jeff Stanley said The Abbington Meadows Apartments were made possible by a $5-million grant from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs that they received a few weeks ago.

Rea Ventures Group, which owns the new complex, said the city was chosen because new development is their first priority, they have a good school system and they've never received this grant before.

Stanley said the new project is promising for the city's progress, especially after the recent recession.

"It's the start of our growth for coming out of this bad economic slump that we've been in," he said.

The empty lot on Hall Cemetery Road off Highway 75 is the future home of a 64-unit apartment complex.

Stanley said Abbington Meadows would help bring more jobs and thousands of dollars in revenue to the city through property taxes and an increase of water and sewer customers.

The new apartment complex is classified as workforce housing-- designed for mid to lower income residents.

"When I say affordable, it's for working class. Affordable apartments for working class people like firemen, police officers and teachers.," said Stanley.

The city is expecting to break ground on the project this December.The new apartments should be available for lease by fall 2014.

Stanley said this is the first of many developments underway in the city and McBride is excited to see what's next.

"Hopefully one of them's gonna be a grocery store. That's one we definitely need," she said.

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