New brewery in Denison set to open soon

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DENISON, TX -- A new business will soon open it's doors. It's the first of it's kind here in Texoma.

There's a new business brewing in Denison.

The owners of Ivanhoe Ale Works plan to open their doors by the end of the month.

"We got our federal license finally last Friday and I made a couple of batches on our old machine which makes 20 gallons at a time, just trying to get something in the works so we can start letting people taste the goodness," said Ivanhoe Ale Works Co-owner, Johnny Wells.

Co-owners of Ivanhoe Ale Works, Johnny Wells and Gabe Parker, say the brewery has been in the works for several years, and are excited to see their dream finally coming true.

"We'll be starting out with a pale ale, a stout, and an IPA,Wells said. "We'll we're almost have everything hooked up, we working on the boiler unit to hook up and we still have the glycol unit."

The micro-brewery is located on West Main Street and right next door to Homestead Winery, which Parker also owns.

With both the brewery and winery in the same building, Texomans will get something they've never had before.

"Some laws changed to where we're gonna be one of the first ones in the state to have what I call a brew-winery," Wells said.

"It's really new in the industry in their capabilities and also a trending thing with the millennials, and we just believe it's going to draw a lot of people out in Denison," said Main Street Director, Donna Dow.

Dow says the new business model will attract more people to Main Street.

"We feel like we're on the cutting edge of something that could go on statewide and nationwide," said Dow.

You can get updates from Ivanhoe Ale Works on their Facebook page at -

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