New exhibit opens at Bonham's Sam Rayburn Museum

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BONHAM, TEXAS -- People in Bonham gathered at the Sam Rayburn Library and Museum Sunday afternoon to see a new exhibit featuring one of their own.

"He was one of the greatest figures in Texas and American history and he was from Fannin County, this area of Texas," Executive Director of the Briscoe Center for American History Don Carleton said.

The new, free exhibit focuses on Rayburn's upbringing, educational background and political contributions.

It also teaches visitors about the Speaker of the House and Congress.

"Rayburn was Speaker twice as long as any other person who's served in that position, so we have a display that explains just exactly what does the Speaker of the House of Representatives [does]. What's their duties? What's their task?" Carleton said.

Some of Rayburn's relatives were there for the big reveal.

"I've spent my life learning how much he meant to North Texas and Bonham. He was a great man. It's just an honor to be related to him," Sam Rayburn's great nephew Eric Langford said.

Langford says he hopes his own kids and museum visitors learn about the kind of man Rayburn was.

"I think his character and honesty and then his hard work for all those years on behalf of the state," Langford said.

"He was one of the great public servants of this state and he did so much to help Texans. As long as he was Speaker of the House of Representatives, Texas had one of the strongest voices in Washington," Carleton said.

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