No More Violence Youth Convention held this weekend

PARIS, Texas -- Some Paris leaders are helping local youth combat violence at a conference in town this weekend.

News 12 spoke with No More Violence organizers and a domestic abuse survivor who say their focus is creating more positivity in the community.

"Physically it was just like, you know, I'm being hit. Did I do something to deserve it? More or less, I felt like a child that was being punished for doing something wrong," Amber Sims told News 12.

A survivor of domestic abuse for nearly two years, Sims, now volunteers her time educating youth, women, and men about how to avoid a situation like the one she survived.

"It's important to be educated, because education is the first step into any great direction," Sims said.

For years, Sims says she felt broken, her confidence crumbled, and told us there was no one she could go to. That's why she's using the No More Violence campaign to fight abuse.

"You can argue and it not be an aggressive conversation. You can disagree and it not be a negative thing," Sims said.

"Taking a step back could prevent any kind of harm to them, or their friends, or family members." Paris' No More Violence President Paul Butler told News 12.

Butler joined the organization 3 months ago after seeing several youth he knew fall victim to violent crimes.

Nearly 300 assaults and 4 rapes have been reported in Paris so far this year, according to Paris crime statistics.

"I believe that youth are the foundation of all that we do, and in order to make an impact on the world, we must first impact the foundation, and then we can begin to build the house," said Sims.

The 1st Annual No More Violence Youth Convention will be held at Paris New Generation Church located at 1513 Lamar Avenue July 10-12. For additional information, call 972-805-7648 or visit the related link.