One dead, two charged in Ardmore shooting

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ARDMORE, Okla.- Two juveniles have been charged with first degree murder after allegedly shooting and killing an Ardmore teen Saturday night.

18-year-old Carmell Stoliby was shot to death in his home in the 300 block of Monroe Street Northwest Saturday night.

"Witnesses called the police department and gave a description of an individual and a vehicle that was seen leaving the area," Deputy Chief Kevin Norris with Ardmore Police said.

Police said a short time later that car was found. Two teenagers, ages 16 and 17 were inside, later arrested and charged with first degree murder.

Police believe the shooting may have stemmed from a dispute Stoliby was having with one of the suspects for about a week

"I just pray for his family and his sisters and brothers because I could only image how good of a brother he was," an Ardmore High School student who did not want to be identified said.

She said Stoliby was full of life and well liked.

"It's pretty unusual for someone to not like Carmell because he was just a funny person and he got along with everybody, everybody liked him," she said.

Dorenda Hammett has lived in the home behind Stoliby's her whole life. She says she came home Saturday night to a street full of cops.

"I just couldn't believe that it happened right here, 20 feet from my house," she said.

Hammett says this should be a wake up call for the community

"It's just a sad situation that we're in with kids killing kids. It's just a sad situation. We need to reach out or something, let them know we care about them because it seems like they just don't have purpose for their life," Hammett said.

Police recovered a handgun believed to be used in the shooting.
The identities of the suspects are not being released at this time.

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