Open carry protest staged in Denison

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DENISON, Texas -- Two men in Denison got some attention Friday after they decided to exercise their Second amendment rights.

If you went past Denison City Hall Friday, you might have seen two guys with guns legally protesting on a public side walk.

"First of all it's my human right and second of all it's my constitutional right," said protester Andre Esparza.

Back in January Esparza visited Waterloo Park with his children and brought his shotgun along. The only problem, city ordinance declares the the park a gun free zone.

"There was no intent to cause any alarm or panic to anybody," said Esparza. "I just grabbed my gun and went."

Friday he went to pay his fine, all in pennies. "He came in to pay a citation fine, a court fee, of $120.00 for a disorderly conduct charge that he pleaded guilty too," said Denison City Manager Judson Rex.

We showed video of Esparza with the gun to several families at Waterloo Park. "I'm a firm believer in the second amendment right and doing what you need to do to protect your family," said resident Arlene Pool. "But there's no need to have a weapon like that in a park with children."

"Carrying a huge gun like that in a park is ridiculous," said resident Zoe Avery.

Esparza and his friend hope this protest will bring more attention to police shootings and for the abolishment of gun-free zones.

"Nobody should have to get permission to carry a firearm," said Esparza. "No one should have to pay a fee to carry a firearm, it should be open to anyone."

And for anyone to be able to bare arms, including felons. Esparza said, "if you have a right to human life, you have a right to protect your own human life."

But in the end, the city of Denison says no harm was done. "He and the group were very pleasant and nothing difficult to say about it for sure," said Rex.

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