Parents react to Durant High School shooting scare

Parents react to Durant High School shooting scare.
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DURANT, OK -- Police say an effort between school staff and police helped stop a possible shooting threat at Durant High School yesterday, but some parents say they wish the school had handled the situation differently.

"Parents, there's a little bit of outrage there, and it's understandable," Durant mother Autumn Vaughn said.

Durant Police say they learned on Wednesday, a student had sent electronic messages, indicating that he planned to shoot at least 26 students and staff, at Durant High School on Thursday.

"Officers and investigators went and made contact with the suspect/student, an interview was conducted," Durant Police detective Buddy Faulkner said.

Durant Police detective Buddy Faulkner says the student didn't have guns in his possession, however...

"It's believed at the time that the threats were made he did have guns, or have access to guns," Faulkner said.

The student is in the custody of the Department of Mental Health, and is being evaluated. We're told no one else was involved.

"As of right now, the motive or reasoning for this incident is still under investigation," Faulkner said.

Durant ISD, has confirmed that a notification was never sent to parents.

"The fact that they weren't notified by the school authorities is really fueling the fire," Vaughn said.

Durant ISD Superintendent Duane Merideth declined our request for an interview.

"I would definitely want to be notified if there was a shooting scare, if my child was in danger at any point in time," Vaughn said.

They're only saying it's an ongoing investigation.

"They found it on Facebook, that's how I found out," Vaughn said.

A similar scare happened at Denison High School last month. Denison ISD says an investigation turned up no suspects, and believes Facebook rumors led to the scare. They're looking to improve communication with parents and the public by implementing automated texts and phone calls, for these types of situations.

Durant parent Autumn Vaughn says she hopes Durant ISD does something similar.

"Because if something were to happen, it would be terrible," Vaughn said.