Paris construction worker killed, driver arrested

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PARIS, Texas -- Police are investigating a deadly construction site accident that happened in Paris Tuesday morning.

One construction worker is dead, and another man is fighting for his life after Police say an intoxicated driver ran into them on the side of the road while they were working.

Geno Allen, 26, now sits behind bars, facing felony charges.

Around 10:30 Tuesday morning, Police say Allen drove into a construction zone near the 3200-block of Bonham Street, hitting and killing 21-year-old Christian Castro and injuring 50-year-old Aaron Cirrola.

"I didn't even know if the man was already on the ground, but I seen the car hit the telephone poll," said Shelly Seat, who witnessed the crash and called for help.

Police say the construction site was marked, but that didn't keep Allen from driving off the side of the road, taking the life of a man who just doing his job.

"He was actually on the roadway and veered over into the construction zone. From my understanding of it, that was on the side of the roadway," said John Berry with the Paris Police Department.

Police say Allen carried Castro on the hood of his car for about a block after hitting him. His 2008 Toyota Corolla eventually came to a stop after striking a telephone poll in the 3300-block of Bonham Street.

“There was another one on the corner that got his leg almost cut off, and a police officer, which was the first officer on scene, took his gun belt off and dropped it, and he pulled his other belt off for a tourniquet,” said Ron Dickson, a nearby resident who witnessed the aftermath.

Allen was taken to a local medical facility for blood testing. Police say it could be late February before they get results backs.

Castro was pronounced dead on scene, and we're told his co-worker, Aaron Cirrola, was taken to a Tyler hospital with head trauma and a leg injury.

Allen is charged with Intoxication Manslaughter with a Motor Vehicle and Intoxication Assault with a Motor Vehicle.