Pilot Point senior breaks Texas state bench press record at 700 lbs

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PILOT POINT, TX -- A Pilot Point High School Senior has bench pressed more than any powerlifter in Texas, shattering a state record across all divisions and weight classes.

Matthew Poursoltani, 18, is a small town kid who is doing big things.
He set a Texas state record for bench press on Saturday. He lifted a massive 700 lbs beating his personal best of 670 lbs. That is almost as much as former Dallas Cowboys star Larry Allen once lifted.
Allen's lift is reportedly the top NFL bench press at 705 lbs.

"I knew my body could handle it. I knew I could bench it. It was all I wanted and I really wanted it bad," Poursoltani said.

"It's just incredible to set that for a high school kid anywhere. I mean 700 lbs in bench press that's incredible for a man to do that as an adult," Assistant Power lifting Coach Brian Kozma said.

"I did it for myself, my family and my community. Everybody out here for me," Poursoltani said.

He says lifting 700 lbs took a lot more than physical strength.

"There's no doubt anybody can do what they set their mind to," Poursoltani said.

He says he set his goal by working out hard, eating a lot of meat, and living a clean life.

"Cans of tuna. I eat a lot of salmon, steak, meats. Just a lot of meat," Poursoltani said.

"There's nothing he's done unnatural except for his eating, how he eats six eggs every morning I have no idea," Poursoltani's best friend and teammate Riley Stottle said.

Poursoltani says his dedication is really paying off, but says he is not stopping here. He is going for more records.

"Work my way up to the world bench record," Poursoltani said.

"This is definitely not the end. Not if I have anything to convince him of," Stottle laughed.

At last year's state meet Poursoltani lifted 570lbs, meaning he increased his lift by more than 100 pounds in a year. At the rate he is going he could challenge the national all time best of 1,075 pounds.

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