Possible prank leads to injury in Denison Walmart

Wesley Howard
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BONHAM, Texas -- A man out shopping on Christmas Eve in Denison claims he was not only injured while shopping at a major retailer -- he was humiliated.

Wesley Howard says he was shopping at the Denison Walmart when he stopped to use their restroom. He says what happened next left him with burns to his backside, and he felt traumatized. "When I got ready to leave I was stuck," Howard said. "I was glued to the seat and I was in there so long, my oxygen bottle was running out."

Howard's son, Justin took this video of his father as he was taken by EMT's from the Denison Wamart to Texoma Medical Center. Howard says he suffered first degree burns after sitting on some kind of adhesive that was put on the toilet seat in handicapped toilet stall of the men's restroom.

To add insult to injury Wesley Howard said, the Walmart staff laughed at him. He wants whomever did this to know that it caused him serious physical and emotional pain. "An assistant manager finally came in and though it was funny that I was stuck on the toilet seat," Howard said. "He kinda thought I was joking and I told him, 'I'm dead serious.' "

Wesley Howard said customers were still allowed to enter and use the restroom while EMT's worked to free him.

"One of them had to pull the seat," Wesley Howard said, describing how he was freed from the restroom. "When one of them was putting some sort of acetone on it, so when they did they pulled the skin off the rear-end of this side of my thigh."

When Wesley Howard was removed from the bathroom, he said the embarrassment didn't end. "As I rolled out on that stretcher," he said. "all you could see was people looking. Cashiers were standing there laughing and cutting up. "

Attempts were made to reach management at the Denison Walmart, but they declined comment. Messages were left seeking comment from the Wal-Mart corporate offices spokespersons, but they have yet to comment.

The Denison Police Department was dispatched to the incident, and they say this could be a criminal act. "It's very unusual around here," Denison Police Lt. Mike Eppler said. "I haven't heard of it happening before. if anyone has any information about who did that. Some people might think it's a prank, but it's really serious especially when it sends someone to the hospital."