Pottsboro house donated to Purple Heart military family

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POTTSBORO, TEXAS -- There's no place like home for the holidays, and now, just days before Christmas, the Thomas family has this Pottsboro house to call home.

Seth Thomas served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"One tour in 2007-2008 in Iraq, where we did convoy escorts, and then 2009-2010, we did QRF in Afghanistan," Seth Thomas said.

Seth says he wants to go back, but can't because of his extensive injuries. The two-time Purple Heart recipient is now 90 percent disabled.

Seth's wife Lacey recalls his injuries.

"Every day is a struggle and a blessing," Lacey Thomas said.

"I loved it. I mean, I loved every minute, every hour, I was there," Seth said.

Because of his injuries, Seth has trouble finding work, which put the dream of becoming a homeowner out of reach. But when the family got a call from the Homes with Honor program, they knew they'd won the lottery.

"Today when I show up and everybody's here, it's like, oh my God, we're getting a house! Everybody has come for me and Lacey and my family," Seth said.

Scott Bertram with Bank of America is a real-life Santa in the Thomas's eyes.

He helped deliver their dream, and makes these dreams come true for other military families across America.

"Lovely family. Two children, one on the way, so we're excited they're going to have a house to grow into," Bertram said.

Seth and Lacey are already starting family traditions at their new home.

"We're going to plant a tree for every kid, and that way, as they get older, the tree gets older, and they can watch it bloom. To me, I think that that would be cool," Seth said.

The Homes with Honor program is operated in North Texas by the Tarrant County Housing Partnership and Bank of America. So far, they've handed over the house keys to about 150 military families in Texas.

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