Radio station suffers direct hit by tornado

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ATOKA COUNTY, Okla. -- KHKC radio station suffered a damaging blow when a tornado hit the building on Monday.

General manager Ricky Chase was inside the station with his daughter when the tornado hit.

They were not hurt, but the entire front part of the station is gone as well as part of the roof.

Coal County officials say southern Coal County, which is right along U.S. Highway 75, was hit pretty hard with 15-20 homes getting damaged. At least one of those was destroyed.

They are still out surveying damage but at this time they've had no injuries reported.

"Everybody had to stagger because it was getting bigger," Chase said. "Then it turned, hail got big ... I had my daughter with me, ducked isnide the studio, huddled under a desk. and next thing I know my truck's about to go over, I see daylight, and hear tornado hit. To show you how strong it was, damage from the roof was found a quarter mile away. it picked part of the roof which is concrete. I couldn't pick it up because it's across the highway."

The National Weather Service will be out Tuesday to survey the damage.