Resident wants Grayson County courthouse confederate statue removed

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SHERMAN, Texas -- One Texoma man is calling on county officials to remove a confederate statue from the courthouse in Sherman.

Sherman native Alexander Clark is asking Grayson County officials to take down the statue honoring confederate soldiers outside the courthouse.

"It happened so long ago there is no reason to continue to have it up, especially in a place that is supposed to represent justice," Clark said.

As of Tuesday night, the petition he started on has gotten 60 supporters, Kelsey Sullivan is one of them.

"I do not think it is okay that something like this stands in Sherman today," Sullivan said.

She also worries how racism will affect younger generations.

"I really don't want to raise my kids in a place where racial images and symbols are considered normal," Sullivan said.

Symbols of the Confederacy are stirring up a heated debate across the country following last weeks massacre at a black church in South Carolina where nine people were killed.

The alleged shooter was photographed waving a confederate flag and authorities say he had written a racist manifesto.

The state of Texas recently fought one public display of the Confederate battle flag. This past week the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of the state of Texas that the state was within its rights to refuse to issue personalized license plates showing the Confederate flag. The court rejected a challenge in Walker v. Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans on the grounds of freedom of speech.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans had sought a Texas plate bearing its logo with the battle flag. Similar plates are issued by eight other states that were members of the Confederacy and by Maryland.

The ruling said license plates were government sponsored speech.

Sherman resident Justin Giles said as long as the statue isn't causing problems, he thinks it should stay.

"I don't believe the problem should be the mass hysteria of confederate anything," Giles said. "I think everyone should see this problem was this person who was a mad man."

The statue was put in front of the Grayson County courthouse in 1896.

County Judge Bill Magers and Sherman Mayor Cary Wacker have not commented on the petition.

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