Sherman council approves annexation request

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SHERMAN,Texas -- The Sherman City Council just approved a request from residents wanting to be annexed into the city in hopes they won't have any more problems with their water system.

Back in September, a group of Grayson County residents got fed up with their water problems.

They started a petition to make a 200 acre section near Lamberth and Shady Oaks Drive, part of the city of Sherman.

"To be annexed into the city in order to have their ailing water system fixed," Nate Strauch, Sherman Communications Manager, said.

Right now, they're on well water.

"They've had consistent water problems out there with water pressure, with water quality. In fact they're under a boil order right now so,it's been an ongoing issue and it's an issue they want to get fixed," Strauch said.

Two-thirds of the 150 residents living in the area signed the petition which went before Sherman City Council.

When annexed, all the water mains will be replaced and brought up to City standards.

But not everyone is in favor of the annexation.

The Hema's said if annexed, it's going to cost them an additional $800 to $1,000 per a year, and their quiet atmosphere.

"It was open, we didn't want to live in the city so we purposely chose this property for that reason and now a year later, we're being annexed," Tom Hema, said.

They said they know they are in the minority and understand why some want to be annexed, but wish they didn't have to be apart of it.

"We can't see any benefit for us as far as water or emergency services, I mean we have all that and we're happy with what we have," Sylvia Hema, said.

Public hearings are scheduled to take place , two in November and one in December.

The annexation will bring in an extra $110,000 to the city per year.

Changes in the water system will take about a year to complete and could start in December.

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