SPCA seizes more than 150 animals from Wolfe City animal shelter

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WOLFE CITY, TX -- It's been almost a decade since the SPCA of Texas has seized animals out of an animal shelter, but today 20-members along with Hunt County Deputies and Constables seized more than 150 cats and dogs from an animal shelter in Wolfe City.

"The situation here, inside the property, is dogs and cats in cruel confinement situations and also in situations of medical neglect," said SPCA of Texas member Maura Davies.

Investigators with the SPCA and a Hunt County Constable visited the Frank Barchard Memorial Animal Shelter five times in the last year, trying to get the shelter in compliance. However, the shelter continually failed to meet Texas health and safety laws.

"This past time that our investigator and the constable's office had visited, things had continued to get worse and worse," said Davies. "At that time our investigator and the Hunt County Constable made the decision it was time to pursue a seizure warrant."

Davies walked through the facility and tells us she found animals with open wounds.

"In the barn building there was a deceased puppy, that I saw in one of the cages with what appeared to be that puppy's siblings," said Davies. "There was some situations in there that were very hard to see."

No charges have been brought against the shelter owner, who declined to speak with us. However, the Hunt County Constable said he is looking into filing criminal charges.

If a judge in Hunt County rules in favor of the SPCA in a hearing next Thursday, the animals will be placed up for adoption. In the meantime they will be transported to an animal shelter in McKinney, where they will be treated.