Shooting victim's family raises awareness on domestic abuse

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BONHAM, TX-Five days after 20-year-old Ashleigh Lindsey was shot to death in her Kingston home, her family said they are beside themselves with grief.
Lindsey was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Mahaffey, who then killed himself. Lindsey, who was pregnant, died later that night. Mahaffey's roommate, Joshua Scott, is facing charges for Lindsey's murder because authorities said he knew about the plan to kill her.
Wednesday, at a memorial for Lindsey, her mother spoke with Victoria Maranan sharing her story hoping to save the lives of other women.
Lindsey's mother, Tara Woodlee, told us that Joshua Mahaffey harrassed their family for about a month before he killed her daughter. Wednesday, hundreds came together to remember Lindsey wearing purple ribbons to raise awareness about domestic abuse.
Family and friends packed Seventh and Main Baptist Church in Bonham, Wednesday to remember Ashleigh Lindsey.

"We were with her and she fought real hard. She was a fighter. My daughter would fight with everything she had to everybody, everything, the shirt off her back. She's that kind of person," Woodlee said.

She said Lindsey had been dating Joshua Mahaffey for just six months and didn't know he had hit her, until about a month ago when she left him.

"She wouldn't even come home because he found her once at home. She didn't want us to die with her because she felt he's gonna kill her in the end," Woodlee said.

Woodlee notified the Marshal County Sheriff's Office about the abuse and said she was told their hands were tied.

"They would say that if we find an address, but he was jumping from place to place. We couldn't get a specific address and he was coming across to Texas and so they were being limited on that," she said.

But Marshall County investigators had been looking for Mahaffey for several weeks, because he'd threatened Lindsey and attacked her before.

"We can do the legal part of it but the after-care and the follow-up that the crisis control centers can help with to prevent it from happening again in the future," said Undersheriff, Donny Raley.

"She was planning on going, I believe to the Sherman Crisis Center, but she wanted to finish out her shift at work. The next day she would've been going to Sherman, Saturday."

Crisis Control Center's Anna Marcy was working with Lindsey since she reported the abuse and said Lindsey did all she could to stay safe, but it wasn't enough.
Friday afternoon, Mahaffey and his roommate Joshua Scott, found Lindsey in her Kingston home. Investigators said Mahaffey shot her, then shot himself. Lindsey and their unborn baby died later that night.

"What is true with all domestic violence cases is that only prison bars can maintain a victim's safety. A community has to work together because not one agency or organization can keep a person safe," said Marcy.

"No woman should ever have to put up with that. No mother should have to bury her child or her unborn grandchild that I'll never get to see," said Woodlee.

Ashleigh Lindsey will be laid to rest Thursday morning at Restland Memorial Park in Dallas.

Joshua Scott held without bail at the Marshall County Jail.

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