Sober living house for women to open in Ada

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ADA, Okla.- The location of the new program will be at 9th and Stockton.

Southern Oklahoma Addiction Recovery Inc. opened the doors to its sober house for men back in 2008. Since then, nearly 130 men have graduated from the program.

Executive Director Doug Davis is a graduate himself.

“It’s saved my life and I’ve seen it save several others,” Davis said. “So I plan on staying here as long as they will have me and continue to help them.”

SOAR currently serves nine counties.

Davis says a sober house for women is something long overdue.

“We get calls up here four five times a week people trying to find a place for women to get them into something similar to this, just to keep them going from prison,” Davis said.

Oklahoma leads the nation in women behind bars, at almost double the national average. According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, 43 percent of which involve drug or alcohol related crimes.

The SOAR program is for adults and runs from 6 months to a year, helping non-violent drug offenders become law-abiding, tax-paying members of society. Members live a structured lifestyle and steps are taken to make sure they aren’t slipping.

Wes Henry, a current member of the men’s program, says that structure is key to maintaining sobriety.

“It takes your mind off of a lot of outside stuff that would cause you to fall back into the problems that landed you in here,” Henry said.

While the men's program is court-ordered, the women's program will be on a voluntary basis.

SOAR hopes to raise the money for the women’s sober house by September 1st.

Board President Duane Murray says they’re roughly a third of the way there.

“We don’t receive any money from the state or federal government,” Murray said. “What we’re doing here is really saving the citizens of the community and the state money.”

The new house will be purchased for roughly $120,000.

SOAR expects to have women living in the facility at the first of the year.

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