State question forum educates Oklahoma voters

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DURANT, OK -- With election day just around the corner, the Bryan County Chamber of Commerce is making sure voters know what's at stake before marking their ballots.

Tonight they held a forum to break down all six state questions for voters.

Chance Wimberley was one of several people at Thursday night's forum. He says he wants to learn about each question before he marks his ballot.

"There's so many at every election so people just walk into the polls and just mark. It impacts our daily lives, so it's very important to know exactly what our legislature is wanting to do," Wimberley said.

Assistant commissioner of government affairs, Rick Farmer, says this forum is his way to help educate his community.

"Once you walk into the ballot box and you take a look at those questions and you've not considered them in advanced, then it's going to be difficult," Farmer said.

Attendants took part in an open discussion, breaking down each state question.

"Just having a chance to talk about them in relatively simple terms to try to understand what they do and how they do it, and try to make in informed decision before you get there is pretty important," Farmer said.

There are six state questions on the Oklahoma ballot. Each is lengthy and takes some time to fully understand. Here is a brief overview of each.

If passed, state question 758 would lower the tax cap from 5 percent to 3 percent on homestaed exempted property valuation increases in any single year.

State question 762 would relieve Governor Mary Fallin of her duties of approving nonviolent offense paroles from the the pardon and parole board.

State question 764 would allow the Oklahoma Water Resource Board to issue up to $300 million in general obligation bonds. These state bonds would be used to guarantee municipal water and sewage bonds.

State question 765 would remove the DHS commission and director positions, and allow a new agency to be created in statute by the legislature.

State question 766 would exempt all intangible personal property from ad valorem tax.

State question 759 would remove affirmative action, prohibiting special treatment based on race or sex in public employment and education.

Below is a link for more information about each state question

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