Storm damages Texoma Marina docks and boats

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WHITESBORO, TX -- The storm that blew through Whitesboro Tuesday evening, not only destroyed some docks, it sank some boats.

Boats that weren't completely underwater, were buried under debris.
Five docks were blown away from the shore. One dock was very close to drifting out into Lake Texoma. Texoma Marina staff say they have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Just before 5:30 tuesday evening, a storm blew through Whitesboro and literally ripped docks away from the shore.

"I didn't know what was going on at first. I just started hearing metal creaking and bending and boat houses were moving like they shouldn't have been," witness Billy Strickland said.

"The ship store started shaking and got real bad, and we weren't real sure if we were gonna float away," Texoma Marina manager Jenny Rosario said.

No one was hurt, but three boats flipped over and are now under water. Other boats are pinned in their boat slips.

"All of the boats that are able to be moved, we've contacted their owners and have them come out and move their boats so that we can at least get them out from under, just in case any of the docks do fall. Because they're not secure and they're not stable whatsoever," Rosario said.

The tow boat towed as many as possible to other locations. The Coast Guard and Sherwood Shores Fire Department were called out to help.

The major concern is getting the boats that sank out of the water so fuel doesn't leak into the lake.

"It's just detrimental to the wildlife and basically anything it touches considering it contaminated it," Fire Chief Tim Bilderback said.

The marina said they just built most of those docks. They'll have to rebuild and expect that to take several weeks

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