TV Show reaches out to Jennifer Harris' family to solve cold case

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FANNIN COUNTY, TX-- A popular TV show is hoping to bring justice to the family of murder victim Jennifer Harris, by helping solve the nearly 13 year old cold case.

Jennifer Harris' family says there's one thing preventing the show from helping, the Fannin County Sheriff's Office.

"We still hold out hope that someday we'll find out who did this and see justice done."

Mother's Day, 2002, the day Jennifer Harris went missing, her car found abandoned at Lake Bonham.

Six days later her naked body was found floating in the Red River. An autopsy revealed she died a quote, "violent unusual or unnatural death," and her uterus had somehow been removed.

"The case was grossly mishandled from the beginning," said Jennifer's uncle Jeff Schneider.

Jeff Schneider is Jennifer's uncle. He says the TNT show Cold Justice requested cooperation from the Fannin County Sheriff's Office and DA's Office to have their investigators review the case.

Fannin County District Attorney Richard Glaser took over as DA, a few years after Harris' murder. He says his office is open to any assistance to solve the case, and a new set of eyes might find something that was missed.

Sheriff Donnie Foster wasn't Sheriff in 2002, and told us Tuesday he had no comment.

"The sheriff's office has never really been cooperative with the family and moving things forward," said Schneider.

The FBI, Texas Rangers and Fannin County Sheriff's Office launched a lengthy investigation. The family says two suspects were identified early on, a former boyfriend and Jennifer's ex-husband.

But no arrests were ever made.

Schnieder said, "we feel like she knew who she was meeting, and knew who they were and voluntarily got in their automobile."

The family says they have waited almost 13 years for justice, and hope bringing the story back to light will encourage someone to come forward.

"Someone can say hey, I used to live in Fannin County back in those days and I hadn't thought about it, but I have something that I remember after seeing this that may bring some evidence to the table," said Jeff Schneider.

Jennifer's father, Jerry Harris, will hold a news conference for the media next week to talk about his daughter's case. The family says they hope to encourage the sheriff's office to work with the Cold Justice crews, and finally solve her murder.