Texas' Stand Your Ground Law explained

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DENISON, TX - A recent Gainesville home invasion has raised questions about the use of deadly force. News's 12 looked into the specifics of the "Stand Your Ground" law.

The right of the people to keep bear arms is a Second Amendment constitutional right.

But the right to defend one's self, property or home varies between states. They are known as "Stand Your Ground" laws and "Castle Doctrine."

"Every man has a right to protect his property and his family," said Jessie Jordan, a Texas resident.

Both Texas and Oklahoma have adopted a "Stand Your Ground" law which allows you in specific instances to use force, even deadly force if warranted, to protect yourself.

"Deadly force is only authorized to be used against a person in defense of one's self or another person," said Lieutenant Mike Eppler with the Denison Police Department.

The Texas Penal Code Title 2 and Oklahoma Title 21 clearly state that the use of force is only to be used if there is an imminent threat of harm or death, and when someone is unlawfully or forcefully entering your home, vehicle or place of business.

But it's important to remember every situation is different.

"The facts on a case by case basis and then those facts will be weighed later if deadly force is used against someone to see if it was justified or not," said Eppler.

Although state laws allow you to protect yourself, law enforcement recommend you avoid confrontation if at all possible.

"We certainly recommended that when anyone has any type of emergency, please call 9-1-1 and let us know because that's what we do," said Eppler.

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