Texoma couple reconstructing pirate ship to sail on Lake Texoma

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Back in 2007, Tamie Odom bought her husband something any guy would want for his birthday - a pirate ship.

And five years later, they're finally bring the Compass Rose home to Lake Texoma.

"We sailed her from Florida to Freeport, had her de-commissioned and then two trucks later, we got her here," she said. "So it's been a work of art, and pain and suffering sometimes."

The Compass Rose was built in 1968 as an 1800s replica ship. Odom said the ship has circumnavigated the globe twice and has even been in a few movies.

She said Grandpappy Point is helping with reconstruction, letting them use their shop and supplies.

"They actually built us a dock, and didn't charge us for it," she said. "Just said yes, come, join our family."

Tuesday, they attached yardarms to the mast. Odom said they'll put in the second mast on Wednesday.

Odom said they plan to use the ship for historical and educational tours for the general public.

"So just have a lot of fun with her," she said. "We want to share her with the community at large."

Mark Nagel is quartermaster of the ship. He's been friends with the Odoms for years, and has been a part of the project since the beginning.

"When the opportunity came up to work for the ship as a quartermaster, and I was like 'get paid for sailing?' You betcha! I'm there!' That's how I got involved," he said.

He's been doing a little bit of everything to help with restoring. But he said the most rewarding aspect will be hitting the water.

And Odom agrees.

"And literally, when you get on the decks of this boat, something happens to you," she said.

She described it as a magical experience.

"When everything is here, the parts, pieces, the sails and everything, you are in the 1800s," she said. "You are in a different time, and I just fell in love with this boat."

Odom said they plan to hold a christening party at Grandpappy Point on November 3. She said the party - a family event during the day and an adults only party at night - will double as a fundraiser for CASA.

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