Texomans saving money on emergency supplies

SHERMAN, Texas -- It's tax-free weekend across Texas, not for school supplies, but for emergency preparedness products.

Raymond Hulsey came to the Sherman Academy Sports & Outdoors to replenish on batteries and flashlights for his job.

"We are on the end of the line PEC Electric so we're all the time out of electricity," Hulsey said. "So anytime a bad storm hits that's what happens."

But this weekend, those items and other select emergency supplies at Texas retailers are tax free. That's because the state designated this weekend as the Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday, which started Saturday and ends Monday.

"For any storm or any type of disaster just to make sure you're prepared," said Doug Hotalen, the assistant manager at the Academy Sports & Outdoors in Sherman.

"We've had many storms and probably more to come," Hulsey said.

And for folks right here in Texoma buying emergency supplies, this tax free holiday couldn't come at a better time, with the potential of a severe weather outbreak this upcoming week.

"This week there is the chance for some severe weather and we just encourage people to stay weather aware," said Shane Drury, the Grayson County Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator. "So it's necessary to be prepared and have the proper supplies in case something does happen to you."

Drury says people should try to take advantage of the tax break if they can. And shoppers say they plan to stock up on supplies while they can save a few bucks.

"It's Important to be prepared for it so you can save your life," said Marietta resident Mike Sampson.

"Well we are in tornado alley," Hulsey said. "We've kind of had it nice compared to some years, but we're getting extreme weather. It doesn't seem to be moderate weather anymore so I think everyone should be prepared."

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