Tish prepares for second round of storms

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TISHOMINGO, Okla. -- Many residents in Tishomingo are still cleaning up after last week's storms but they may be in for another round.

Troy Portenier owns the Tishomingo Trading Post on Main St., his business was one of many damaged by strong winds last week.

"The hail and the rain were coming down sideways," Portenier said. "The wind was blowing hard and the trees were really going."

A church steeple and the Johnston County Sheriff's Office radio tower were also damaged and are now under repair.

Rider's Auto Shop says workers have been busy with repairs after hail busted out dozens of car windshields.

"Most of the cars are slammed with hail about 1,500 to 2,000 dents per car," Employee Shane Burton said.

The town is getting ready for another round of storms Wednesday night and residents say they don't want to be victims again.

Things could get worse before getting better in Tishomingo but residents say they are hoping to dodge Mother Nature's next hail storm.

"It is going to do whatever it is going to do," Portenier said. "Hopefully there is not too much damage and no one gets hurt. Everyone here is very resilient and the folks around here help each other out."

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