Trenton police investigation into 12-year-old's death leads to sexual assault arrests

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TRENTON, Texas -- Family members of a special needs boy who was struck by an SUV and killed in Trenton three months ago were arrested on Monday.

Police arrested Pedro Noria, and his son, Nelson Rodriguez, 19, on sexual assault charges..

Police allege one of the victims was Noria's stepson, 12-year-old Jhoel Noria, who was killed in front of the home while waiting for the bus this past September.

Jhoel's mother, Noemi Isabel Jimenez Noria, was also arrested earlier in the day, on warrants for neglect, because police allege, Jhoel was unsupervised, when he walked out onto State Highway 121, and was killed.

Trenton police say Pedro Noria and Nelson Rodriguez, not only sexually assaulted Joehl, but his three other siblings.

The men eventually surrendered, but not before keeping police at bay for nearly 10 minutes.

Trenton police Captain Kevin Mayberry, says the other children are now in protective custody.

"No agency will tolerate child abuse," he said.

Jhoel's mother also faces charges of Injury to a child under 14 years of age for not reporting the alleged rapes.

The charges will be presented to the District Attorney.

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