Twelve-year-old Bryan Co. girl shoots home intruder

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK - A man who broke into a home near Calera got a surprise Wednesday morning, when he was shot by a 12-year-old girl who was in the home alone.

Debra St. Clair, the girl's mother, said her daughter called her at work to say an unknown man was ringing the doorbell. When the girl didn't answer, the man went around to the back and kicked in the back door.

She told her daughter to grab the family gun, barricade herself in the closet and call 911.

"I drove home at a really fast pace to try to get to her, and when I got here the police were already here. And they had the suspect," she said.

St. Clair's daughter had hid in the closet with a .40 Glock.

But Undersheriff Ken Golden said the intruder kept making his way through the house.

"And what we understand right now, he was turning the doorknob when she fired through the door," he said.

Golden said the bullet hit the intruder, and it sent him running.

"I saw blood on the back of his t-shirt," St. Clair said. "He was sitting down, the policemen had had him apprehended at the end of the block. All I saw was some blood coming down his back. I'm not exactly sure where his injury was, but I saw some blood there."

Golden said the suspect was airlifted to a Texas hospital. They are not releasing the extent of his injuries.

But the girl drew blood. And Golden said for that she's a hero.

"She did everything she was suppose to do and more," he said. "And we're absolutely so thankful that she is fine. And I admire the little girl a lot."

St. Clair said she couldn't be more proud of her daughter.

"She's...she's amazing. I think she's incredible," she said. "And I haven't been able to stop hugging her and kissing her, and telling her how much I love her."

Authorities said the suspect is 32-year-old Stacey Jones.

Jones was arrested in September 2011 for allegedly abducting a 17-year-old girl with a diminished mental capacity.

Golden said the family doesn't know Wednesday's intruder.

St. Clair said her daughter's bravery was rewarded with an ice cream cone.

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