Where Pointe Vista stands today

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- It has been about four years since the original Lake Texoma State Park was sold to Pointe Vista Development. After dozens of questions from park goers about why construction has not started yet we get some answers.

Pointe Vista says they have contracted with a company to remove the asbestos from the old cabins and that work has already begun, but they say it is just one of the first steps toward creating the new resort.

Steps are underway to redevelop the land around Lake Texoma, but Oklahoma State Representative Tommy Hardin says that is not enough.

"To me again that's not construction that's just tearing things down to get ready and they need to, I'd like to see them move a lot faster on getting things completed," Representative Hardin said.

Terri Watkins , the Communications Director for The Commissioners of the Land Office says Pointe Vista Development is still in compliance with their contract which states that the project must be substantially completed by 2014. So far, the company has met the guidelines laid out in that contract.

"We know how important this is to the community. We know how important this is to the state of Oklahoma, but it's a process and we're going through that process and in September we'll have more information," Watkins said.

Pointe Vista Manager, Ryan Chapman, says so far the company has purchased about 750 acres and they are in the beginning stages of demolishing the old cabins. The old lodge has already been torn down. According to the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department the company wants to buy an additional 1,000 acres owned by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Lake Texoma Manager, Joe Custer, says Pointe Vista cannot build on that land until it is transferred to them and that cannot happen until an Environmental Impact Study is complete.

"It looks at recreation. It looks at density of use. It looks at the habitat, environmental affects of what's being proposed. So very very detailed. Very in depth. Very time consuming," Custer said.

Custer says the state has asked them to hold off on doing the E.I.S, but does not know why. State Representative Hardin says he hopes the new tourist attraction will be built by its deadline.

"If it's not completed in a time line then it goes into the court system as far in the contracts and you know I don't know what's going to go on there. It may take another two years to get all that settled before you can actually do anything else," Representative Hardin said.

For a list of frequently asked questions and a more detailed explanation of the project visit the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department's website at http://www.oklatourism.gov/TexomaFAQ.html.

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