Wounded Warrior Deer Hunt brings soldiers together

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The grey, misty morning seems enveloped in stillness. But what you can't see are Fort Sill soldiers taking part in the first annual wounded warrior deer hunt.

Monte Dinwiddie is a retired master sergeant for the for the U.S. Army, and he organized Saturday morning's hunt to give back to the soldiers.

"We could fulfill these guys hobbies for the men far away from home," said Dinwiddie. "So it's a giving deal where we wanted to give them something because of what they've given us."

Putting on the event was a team effort between Dinwiddie, the Noble Foundation and the Walnut Bayou Deer Management Association.
Five soldiers from Fort Sill came out to one of the Noble Foundation's ranches at 5 a.m. to start their quest for deer. By lunchtime, they had killed three does.

Saturday was Corporal Amill's first time braving the wilderness for sport. He said he's enjoying the chance to apply his skills.

"All the training that I've done in the military, you know, instead of shooting paper, I got to shoot at a moving target," Amill said.

Experiences like that are what Dinwiddie was aiming for when the idea struck him last October. The planning that went into the hunt included options for what to do with the deer.

He said soldiers can donate their kills, but some of the meat will probably end up back at Fort Sill.

"For the most part their gonna grind them up, have steaks and cook out by the barracks and stuff and share with their other brothers in arms," Dinwiddie said.

But sharing the venison isn't the hunts only target.

"It's more than a bond really," Amill said. "You meet guys you do something together become friends and enjoy the day."

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