2 arrested in Sherman selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door

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SHERMAN, Tex. ― Before you open your door to someone who knocks, Sherman police warn you to beware. Some people doing door-to-door sales in Grayson County are doing it illegally. Rashi Vats has more.

Sherman police say door-to-door sales are common, but there are certain regulations that must be followed. Several individuals selling magazines in the city did not follow those rules. Now they're in jail.

If you get a knock at your door, Sherman police warn the person on the other side could be part of scam.

“If they don't take ‘no’ for an answer, close your door,” Sgt. Bruce Dawsey of the Sherman Police Department says.

For the past week, a group from Florida has been going door-to-door in several cities selling magazine subscriptions. They have hit Houston, and now police say they're in Sherman.

“We started receiving complaints was that these people wouldn't take no for an answer. They were really aggressive in their demeanor, trying to push the magazine, and in one instance they actually cursed at the person when they refused it,” Dawsey said.

Two people from the same group were arrested Monday in Sherman’s Pebblebrook neighborhood for soliciting without a permit. We talked to several Pebblebrook residents who say they saw these folks and they were very aggressive.

“It’s not so much that they were selling them. What we have a problem with is that their soliciting without a permit. You have to have a permit in Sherman to go door-to-door.”

In order to sell door-to-door in Sherman, you must get a vendor permit from the city clerk. Selling without a permit is a violation of city ordinance and can result in a ticket or jail time.

Members of the group are staying at a hotel in Sherman, but police say they can't arrest anyone in the group unless they are actively soliciting.

In the meantime, they warn you to be wary of opening your door for strangers.

Sellers from the Florida-based group are charging upwards of $60 per subscription. Sherman police say it's much cheaper to purchase a magazine subscription directly from the publisher. You can do that with the mail order form found in the magazine.

Sherman police ask that you alert them if any of these sellers show up on your doorstep.

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