Chickasaw Cultural Center opens in Sulphur

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SULPHUR, OK - It's been a dream two decades in the making for members of the Chickasaw Nation, and now after five years of construction, the Chickasaw Cultural Center is finally complete.

The newly finished Chickasaw Cultural Center sits on 109 acres adjacent to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur. With everything from live performances to historical museums, the center is sure to have something for everybody.

Chickasaws and non-Chickasaws alike gathered Friday for a first hand look at the newly finished Chickasaw Cultural Center.

"The Chickasaw Cultural Center has been a dream of the Chickasaw people for more than 20 years," says Administrator for the Division of History and Culture Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham.

Cobb-Greetham says the center offers over 96,000 square feet of indoor attractions from an exhibit center that features interactive displays of Chickasaw history to a research center equipped with genealogical photos and archives.

"People can come and not just learn but do and be researchers if they want to, and I think what makes people excited is that living element. It's not just something to look at. It's something to do, to become," Cobb-Greetham says.

Cobb-Greetham says visitors can also be a part of history outdoors by touring the traditional village or visiting the honor garden, designed to pay tribute to members of the Chickasaw Hall of Fame.

Sherri Rogers says she believes the new center will help educate others on the rich history of the tribe.

"People all over the world want to know about Native American history and cultural, and I think that this will be a mecca for people from all over to come and see what it means to be an Indian and to understand it," Rogers says.

Cobb-Greetham says although the center was designed with the Chickasaw people in mind.. It's meant to serve as a cultural center where everyone can learn and experience the past and the future of the Chickasaw people.

"This is an investment in cultural health. This is something that will be here for generations to come."

The Cultural Center is scheduled to officially open to the public on Saturday, July 24th. For more information check the link below.

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