Atoka radio personality rides out tornado under desk

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COAL COUNTY, Okla. -- Residents are staying strong after an EF-1 tornado ripped through parts of Atoka and Coal counties Monday evening. One family says they took cover under a desk and rode out the storm.

Radio personality Ricky Chase and his daughter Brittany watched as a tornado formed above the KHKC radio station on Monday. Chase has worked there for nearly 30 years.

"Tornados are supposed to go from southwest to northeast and this one made a right turn and went southeast, directly at us," Chase said.

The two took cover under a desk inside the station just in time.

"That was one of the only places in here that wasn't damaged," Brittany Chase said. "God had his hand on us and there is obviously a reason for me to be here today."

Chase says the building took a direct hit, the tornado damaged part of its concrete roof and a pick up truck that was parked outside.

The storm destroyed several other structures near the station.

No one was hurt in Coal or Atoka counties by the tornado and Chase says he feels lucky his family is safe.

"We had fun with it," Chase said. "At one point Brittany said if we die, we would die together. We were kind of laughing through out the whole thing."

KHKC has been off air since Monday because of the storm but Chase says they will start broadcasting again soon from a station in Durant.

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