Connerville residents clean up after fatal tornado

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CONNERVILLE, Okla. -- Curtis Tweedy and his wife had no where to go when an EF-3 tornado blew through Johnston County on Monday.

"The house started shaking and I thought this is going to be the end of my ride," Tweedy said.

Tweedy said he told his wife, Beverly, to grab the house and hang on.

"I heard the house go 'boom!' and I turn around and the floor was all jacked up and everything," Tweedy said.

The couple took a look around outside after the dust settled. Tweedy said the tornado moved his house at least four feet.

"I was praying on my knees by my bed," Beverly Tweedy said. "It scared the devil out of me."

Several other homes nearby were also damaged.

Tweedy says he helped rescue his neighbor's dog from heavy debris.

"It was one hell of a ride," Tweedy said. "I ain't never done anything like this."

The Tweedy's plan to stay in the house while making some much needed repairs.

Deputies say the Johnston County tornado killed 76-year-old Jackie Brooks.

Brooks' family says he was probably asleep in his home and never heard the storm coming.