Information for KXII viewers experiencing signal problems

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KXII is aware that some of our viewers have experienced a great deal of signal degradation over the past few days. Any household that picks up our signal with some sort of ‘over-the-air’ antenna may be experiencing the signal degradation. Also affected will be any cable system that is picking up our signal with an ‘over-the-air’ outside antenna. Those cable systems are Vyve Broadband, and we know that some Suddenlink customers are impacted as well.

Every indication is that KXII is experiencing a very high degree of co-channel interference due to the very heavy cloud cover over our viewing area. KXII has brought in an independent contractor to verify our readings. If co-channel interference is the problem, it should clear up as soon as the weather clears. Some viewers may have to rescan their television or their set-top box once the weather clears. We will keep our viewers updated on our website and on our Facebook page. Identifying and fixing the problem is our highest priority. In the near term, any viewer that has the CBS All Access app will be able to watch CBS shows on the app and can watch KXII News by watching the streaming signal that is available on our website and free news app.

Thank you, and we will keep you informed.