Man injured when truck plowed into Durant business released from hospital

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DURANT, Okla. -- Kevin Buttry said despite bumps, bruises and soreness, he's doing alright after almost being smashed to bits Saturday when a truck slammed into a phone store.

Durant police say around noon on Saturday, a woman driving a pickup truck had just left the Jack in the Box next door when she hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

Her truck then went smashing into the U.S. Cellular Retailer and a Farmers Insurance agency near the intersection of West Main Street and South 21st Avenue.

"It was real loud like a jet sound and an explosion," Buttry said. "And I found myself picking myself up from rubble and everything."

Buttry works at the U.S. Cellular -- he is in the top right corner of the video helping a customer when the truck crashes through the window, missing him by inches.

"You know, we almost lost our lives in there," he said. Buttry was rushed to a local hospital for his injuries.

"The wall came crashing down on me, kind of taco'd me in half and I had to get out from underneath there," he said. "We had our angels right there with us that protected us, thank God for that, it wasn't our time, but you never know when your time is."

Buttry says he's grateful to be alive.

Police say the driver of the truck passed a field sobriety test. "The driver showed no signs or odor of alcohol," Durant Police Det. Buddy Faulkner said. "She was cited for driver inattentiveness."

Police say the driver does have insurance.

Buttry says he's seeking legal council. "She's only gotten an inattentive driving ticket, which I don't feel that's just in this case," he said.

The U.S. Cellular retailer remains closed but say they're trying to reopen as soon as they can. "Once I get back in that building again," Buttry said, "I honestly don't know what I'm going to feel."

The adjoining Farmers Insurance reopened Monday morning.

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