Johnston County Sheriff's release new information in the Henry Jackson case

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JOHNSTON & CARTER COUNTY, OK -- News 12 has received new information Friday afternoon about a homicide, kidnapping, and shooting case spanning two counties that left the suspect dead and investigators wounded.

Authorities were looking for 19-year-old Henry Jackson for his connection into a string of shootings on Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon in Ardmore.

The Johnston County Sheriff's office says Thursday night Jackson allegedly kidnapped a woman and her two children at a home just north of Tishomingo.

The woman and her children were eventually released but officials say a man at the residence, 21-year-old Marcus Cole Holt, was killed and his vehicle stolen.

The hunt for Jackson continued and he was found later in a neighborhood in northeast Ardmore driving Holt's 1998 silver Ford Taurus.

Jackson opened fire, wounding two federal agents.

Neither of them were critically injured.

Ardmore Police Chief Ken Grace says that the search ensued again and he was found about three hours later. He opened fire and officers returned fire, killing him just before 9:30 p.m. Thursday night.

Agents are trying to find out if any other subjects assisted Jackson and say more arrests are possible.