State officials listen to concerns on Pointe Vista development

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KINGSTON, OK-State officials listened to Marshall county residents' concerns about Pointe Vista Friday. The multi-million dollar development, set to be "substantially completed" a year from now, has been delayed. Residents and local lawmakers said the slow down will seriously impact the area economy.

Business owner, Donna Bearden, is frustrated the promised Pointe Vista Development is nowhere near completed and the delay is taking a toll on area businesses, including hers.

"Every business here has suffered. We all depend on the tourism traffic for all our businesses and we've all seen our businesses drop so it's tough on everyone here," she said.

Bearden is one of dozens who voiced their concerns about the $500-million development Friday morning at a public meeting in Kingston. Several local and state officials toured the former Lake Texoma State Park, Secretary of Agriculture Jim Reese said he didn't see any progress from the project.

"They are behind and I think the land commission is gonna look at what can be done to get it pushed along," he said.

The Associated Press reports, Pointe Vista COO Scott Fischer told Gov. Mary Fallin they won't meet the May 2014 deadline and are asking for an extension. He said the economic downturn made it impossible to get more financing and investors.

"Unless they start very soon, and that means now, and so this meeting is purposely held at this time of year because we know that construction, concrete and all the things needed to produce that type of structure have to start," said State Sen. Josh Brecheen.

State Rep. Tommy Hardin said the state's hands are tied until land commissioners have determined that Pointe Vista violated their contract.

"Our frustration is the same as many as the citizens down here. There's a contract out there that limits what we can do and as the state auditor said, there's not teeth in this contract that allows us to do anything," he said.

Reese said there will be legal action if a breach of contract has been determined and Brecheen said for Pointe Vista: time's up.

"There is zero activity and so I hope Pointe Vista's paying attention that they know that we got two of the land board commission here today to be looking at the project and hopefully that will put some pressure on them to begin operations," he said.