A+ Athlete: Kaylynn Crockett, Lone Grove

This weeks A+ Athlete is Katlynn Crockett from Lone Grove High School.

Kaylynn is a Blue Ribbon scholar, ranked 7th in her class, and part of the student council.

"My mom's a teacher actually, and so, she knows a lot about it and she knows a lot about it and she knows how important it is to continue. My studies are just really important to me, and I work really hard at them. I spend a lot of time at academics," said Crockett.

Her coach sees a lot of talent in her as well.

"She's well grounded, and like i said, she sees the big picture and she's got a plan. I can her knowing what she'll be doing in five and ten years," said girls basketball coach Jeff Word.

Kaylynn is an unbelievable talent on the court as well, where she has played post for the lady Longhorns the last three seasons. Coach Word says an athlete like Kaylynn doesn't come around very often.

"Most kids don't get it. They don't see the big picture and see the way things need to be down the road toward the end of the season, and toward the summer. She's been here all summer and she leads by example," said Word.

"It's really important to me, it's one of the main focuses, we spend a lot of time on it, we try to get as much practice in as we can," said Crockett.

After graduation, Kaylynn plans to attend ECU and hopes to one day become a pediatric nurse. And that's why Kaylynn is this weeks A+ athlete.

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