A+ Athlete: Alexus Vanlandingham, Whitesboro

This weeks A Plus athlete comes to us from Whitesboro High School. Alexus Vanlandingham has a 3.97 GPA, is ranked fifth in her class and is the president of national honor society and her senior class.Her effort shows every day in class.

"She's a wonderful student, a model student. She's diligent in her studies, and she makes sure she has her work completed. She comes into class ready to go," said science teacher Barbara Urban.

And Vanlandingham doesn't mind putting in the work.

"I like to learn, I like to read a lot. I'm in the library a lot checking out book and stuff. But I like to learn, I like to come to school."

Vanlandingham excels athletically as well. She's played on the varsity basketball and softball teams since her freshman year and has been a part of the varsity track and volleyball teams for two seasons. In addition, she's been first team all-district in basketball and softball for the past two seasons. And she gets as much out of being a Bearcat as they get out of having her on the team.

"it's really fun. I just enjoy doing it. I enjoy being part of a team and the chemistry that comes with it. You get a lot of friends that way," said Vanlandingham.

It's fun for her coaches too.

"Alexus is the kind of athlete that every coach wants to have on their team. You never have to worry about her being a discipline problem, you never have to worry about her grades," said head volleyball coach Kelly Cherry.

Vanlandingham is headed to Oklahoma Christian university next year, where she'll play softball for the Lady Eagles.she plans to major in English and hopes to be an English professor one day.She'll graduate this may.

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