A+ Athlete: Ashleigh McFatridge

PARIS, Texas - This week's A+ Athlete is Ashleigh McFatridge from North Lamar High School.

Ashleigh is a member of BETA club, the FCA and carries a 3.6 GPA.

"She has a get it done let's get it done attitude, where when she's given a task, she wants to get that done, to the best of ability as well," said North Lamar Teacher Shannon Ausmus. "She doesn't want to just do it so it can be done, but she tries to do her best and encourages others to do the same."

Not only does Ashleigh excel in the classroom, but also on the volleyball court, where she's been one of the best players in the state. She's been ranked as the number one blocker in Texas two consecutive years.

"I just enjoy to play and have people look up to you," McFatridge said. "I looked up to people when I was their age, it's just cool to be the one they look up to."

"She's a silent leader," said Ashleigh's volleyball coach, Kathy Barker. "She has always been humble."

"She's gotten lots of awards and has earned those awards, but she's always very humble and very thankful that she gets things."

Outside of school Ashleigh volunteers her time with Habitat for Humanity, Dylan's Drivers and serves as a Lil Spikes Coach.

"For one it looks good on scholarships and resumes," said McFatridge. "It also helps familiarize ourselves with our community."

Ashleigh accepted a scholarship to play volleyball at Tyler Junior College. She plans on majoring in Physical Therapy. And that's why Ashleigh McFatridge is this weeks A+ Athlete