A+ Athlete: Bailey Jones, North Lamar

This week's A+ Athlete is Bailey Jones from North Lamar High School.

Bailey is a Texas Scholar that shines in every sport she plays, receiving All-District honors in volleyball, basketball and softball.

"She's going to work hard everyday and not slack up at all and give a little after practice as well." Volleyball coach Kathey Barker said.

However success hasn't come easy, after not being satisfied with her junior season, Bailey made it her mission to be at her best her senior year and it's paying off. She received blocker of the year and led her team to the Regional Quarterfinals.

"She doesn't want to disappoint," Barker said. "She is very tender hearted, doesn't want to let anyone down. I think she left herself down when she didn't come in ready that junior year and said, 'Tthis won't happen again,' and that's a role model for the rest of us."

"The feeling of accomplishment is probably my favorite," Jones said. "Coming in practice everyday and struggling with something, but working until you get it and then how it shows in a game. Just that feeling that feeling when you finally get it right."

Bailey's a hard worker in the classroom as well, taking all AP and dual credit courses while maintaining a 3.84 GPA.

She's a member of the National Honor Society and an Honor Grad that's always up for lending a helping hand.

"If she knows how to do something ahead of time and another student doesn't, she will peer mentor that other student," Statistics teacher Leann Henderson said. "I've come in and she's been up on the board working out problems, helping other kids out before."

After graduation Bailey plans on getting a degree in psychology. And that's why Bailey Jones is this week's A+ Athlete.