A+ Athlete: Bailey Wornhor, Bells

This week's A+ Athlete is Bailey Wornhor from Bells High School.

Bailey is a do it all athlete, playing right field for the Lady Panthers softball team that she helped lead to an Area Championship, she was 1st team All District on a volleyball team that went to the Regional Quarterfinals, the point guard for Bells basketball team that were Regional finalists and she's been a regional qualifier in track for three straight years.

The bond built between teammates is what she says she enjoys the most.

"They have definitely become more of a family than they are my friends," Wornhor said.

"There's never a day that she's not out there giving it her all and her teammates read from that," Volleyball Coach Lisa Johnson said. "She wants to be the best. It's not that she wants to be the best out there on the court, but she just wants to be the best, in general, at everything she does."

"She always, 'What can I do better?'" Softball Coach Kristina Stephens said. "She never hangs her head, she never doubts herself, she tries to go out and find a way that she can improve."

Bailey's prowess extends beyond athletics. She's secretary of her class, a member of the Superintendents Honor Roll, named Academic All State and a Beta Club Officer all while maintaining an A average.

"I've always been taught grades are what matters," Wornhor said. "Whenever athletics is over, grades is what is really going to show."

"Her academic record really speaks for itself and her success on the field speaks for itself, but it just doesn't show the way she handles responsibility and tasks without any big ado or commotion," Math Teacher Carolyn Emory said. "She just takes care what needs to be done."

Outside of the schoolhouse Bailey volunteers at Texoma Medical Center and a local animal shelter. She also is an assistant coach for a youth girls basketball team.

"Whenever I was little, I always had that one person that I would always look up to," Wornhor said. "I just want to be that role model to someone else."

"Bailey truly cares about her community," Basektball Coach Karri Branam said. "She wants to give back to the community without anything in return."

After graduation Bailey plans on getting her nursing degree at Texas State University. And that's why Bailey Wornhor is this week's A+ Athlete.>