A+ Athlete: Beatrice Nguyen, Texoma Christian

This week's A+ athlete is Beatrice Nguyen from Texoma Christian.

Beatrice is about as well rounded as you can get. She's been named All-District in every sport she competes in, which is quite a few, volleyball, basketball, track and softball. She's received All-State recognition in both softball and basketball and was a member of two Lady Eagles State Championships in basketball.

"I like having challenges to overcome," Nguyen said. "It's fun to be able to have them set in front of you and have to overcome them. Doing it with teammates makes it a lot easier since you have people to depend on and people you trust."

"I've been coaching Bea (Beatrice's nickname) now for five years and as an athlete she's pushed every time you ask her to do something, on the court and off the court," Basketball coach Mark Ellison said. "I just think her drive is great."

Inside the school house she is a member of the student council, is a two-time TAPPS Academic All-State member that has competed in art, spelling and mathematics at the Academic state competition last year. All while maintaining a 4.2 GPA and taking AP and duel credit courses.

"It's always been a big deal for me to push myself to be successful in whatever I do. So it's always been a goal of mine to do well in whatever I put myself to."

"It really is her character that sets her a part," Counselor Kathy Howard said. "She has a work ethic, integrity and a faith that really is beyond her years and that's really going to take her far for years to come."

After graduation Beatrice plans on majoring in Elementary Education at the University of Texas. And that's why Beatrice Nguyen is this week's A+ Athlete.