A+ Athlete: Brycen Bass, Atoka

This week's A+ Athlete is Brycen Bass from Atoka High School.

Brycen has been a force on the hardwood for the Wampus Cats, guiding Atoka to three straight state tournaments, including two state semifinal games and was the top rebounder and shot blocker in the state.

"Sports teaches you a lot in life that you can't learn anywhere else," Bass said. "Like being a good teammate, being a good leader, responsibility and being there everyday."

"He's been the heart and soul of our team the last two years," Head Basketball Coach Russ Harrison said. "He's a great leader on and off the floor. I told both of my kids if they wanted to be good, they needed the heart of Brycen Bass."

Brycen is just as successful scholastically. He is on the Superintendent's Honor roll, enrolled concurrently in college courses, has received several academic scholarships and is ranked in the top ten of his class with a 3.9 GPA.

"You can't go anywhere without academics," Bass said. " You have to work hard in the classroom or else you really can't succeed. You have to put in effort, because without that there's no way you can go to the college you want or get the scholarships I need to further my education, get a good job and be successful."

"We started a student mentoring program at the elementary school and he works with the four-year-olds," Atoka Teacher Regina Car said. "He is teaching them how to learn their sounds. I always hear a great report on how he's doing down there."

After graduation, Brycen plans on majoring in Mathematics. And that's why Brycen Bass is this week's A+ Athlete.