A+ Athlete: Devon Blanton, Denison

Devon Blanton

DENISON, Texas -- This week's A Plus Athlete is Denison's Devon Blanton. The senior Yellow Jacket has a 3.6 GPA, is part of the National Honor's Society, and volunteers in the big brother program while setting a positive example on the younger students.

"I grew up in a household of my cousins and stuff like that and they were all smart," Blanton said. "They all went to college and did successful things and I just wanted to follow them."

Denison Lead Counselor Carrie Boettger confirmed Blanton is well on the trail of becoming an exceptional student. "He's a great student, makes great grades, in fact he's taking two college classes and an AP class this year," she said. "He was recently inducted into the National Honor's Society."

Devon is also a human highlight reel. This season he became the 14th Jacket with 2,000 career rushing yards and 24 touchdowns. He was big part in the Jackets success winning back the Axe in 20-13, which led to a co-district championship and their first playoff appearance in four years.

"It's just a great experience, always fun you know," Blanton said. "You know, just always playing with my brothers growing up and stuff like that, and it's unforgettable."

Charlie Means said his competitiveness on the gridiron transfers to the classroom. "He's extremely competitive, he hates to fail at anything he does," Means said. "Which makes him a great student also, so he's wanting to excel at everything he does and he takes a lot of pride in what he does."

After graduation Devon plans to attend a college where he hopes to continue to play football. He's receiving loads of interest from potential programs, but is still weighing his options.

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