A+ Athlete: Jalena Arthur, Antlers

ANTLERS, Okla. - This Antlers' Bearkat not only swings for the fences on the softball field but also in the classroom.

Senior Jalena Arthur is this week's A+ Athlete. She is the valedictorian of her class with a 4.0 GPA, the treasurer of the National Honor Society and will have 34 college hours by the time she graduates in May.

"I've always wanted to make something of myself," Arthur said. "I've always had that drive and that want in my heart, that no matter what I do I want to do it 110-percent."

"Students like Jalena are wonderful to have in class, because they make my job easier and yet they still challenge what we can do," Arthur's teacher Rhonda McCarter said.

Jalena is an exceptional athlete as well. She's been a four-year letterman in three separate sports and will have the opportunity to play for the Colombian softball national team in Oklahoma City this August for the Junior Women's World Championship.

"When she comes to the field she's committed, she works hard, you get everything that she's got each and everyday that she's out there," said Arthur's softball coach Hood Baldwin.

"Any sport you play, you're going to learn different values and you have to put those to test in the game," Arthur said. "But you can also take them with you off the field, off the court, anywhere, into life."

Jalena has verbally committed to play softball at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, where she plans on majoring in Biology with plans of becoming a Pediatric Cardiologist. And that's why Jalena Arthur is this week's A+ Athlete.