A+ Athlete: Liam Sartor, Denison

This week's A+ Athlete is Liam Sartor from Denison High School.

Liam is a four-sport athlete who's ranked second in his class and if you listen to him, he comes from long line of academic success, but he's the first to have success on the field.

"I've always wanted to prove to people that I am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to," Sartor said. "And that's being more than just being capable in the classroom, also being able to keep up on the field."

He may not of inherited athletic skills from his parents, but he did inherit their academic prowess. Liam has a 4.8 GPA, scored a 34 on his ACT and is taking five advanced placement classes. In fact, there's only been once during his time in school's he's not received an A.

"The only B I've ever had, 5th grade science, the last six weeks I got an 89 and it just devastated me," Sartor said.

Outside the classroom Liam competes in football, cross country, track and soccer. And on the pitch is where he really stands out. Growing up he was in the U.S. Olympic development program, now, he's the goalkeeper for the Jackets and was named 1st team All-District last year.

"He's a very talented young man with his studies," Soccer Coach Scotty Voigt said. "He's exactly what you want your kids to be as a student-athlete. I'm hoping my son emulates that as well coming up."

During most days, Liam's practicing with cross country at five in the morning and doesn't get home from football or soccer practice until six in the evening.

"Personally I don't know how he does it to be honest with you," Counselor Carrie Boettger said. "He just makes it work and I think it's his organizational skills, his drive, his goals of what he wants to do. He knows that being able to balance all this now is what is going to lead him to be successful at the next level."

"It really is about sacrificing and prioritizing," said Sartor. "Just taking advantage of what time you have."

After graduation Liam plans on joining the Air Force Academy and becoming a helicopter pilot in para-rescue. And that's why Liam Sartor is this week's A+ Athlete.